Experts en centrifugation

You need efficiency and safety in centrifugation to accelerate your process.
Analis centrifugation teams are experts in laboratory centrifuge solutions.
Combining the knowledge and service of local experts with excellent instruments manufactured by leaders in centrifugation, makes Analis your essential centrifugation partner.

Our all-inclusive centrifugation solutions offer you:

 Professional conseils in the choice of centrifuge
 Application support
 Inspection du rotor
 Installation and qualification (IQOQ)
 Preventive or corrective

All performed by Analis local teams trained and certified by the manufacturers.

Comment configurer ma centrifugeuse ?

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Trouvez ici la meilleure centrifugeuse et les rotors et tubes les mieux adaptés à vos séparations : micro-centrifugeuse, centrifugeuse de table à usage général, centrifugeuse de haute performance et de grande capacitéou ultracentrifugeuse.
An extensive line of centrifuge rotors is available for your specific application area(s) and is designed to accommodate a variety of sample volumes, g-forces (RCF) and rotations per minute (RPM).
En outre, nous proposons des fournitures compatibles et validées telles que tubes, bouteilles et doublures fabriqués à partir des matériaux durables dont vous avez besoin pour vos recherches.

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