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Discover Precision in Clinical Quality Controls

Dive into our world of precision in clinical quality controls. We offer the Randox Acusera for laboratory Internal Quality Control and Randox Qnostics for molecular biology. Explore our range, download our brochures, and see our software in action today. Trust us to deliver accurate and reliable results. 


Quality Control for IVD 

Randox Acusera true third party quality controls offer complete test menu consolidation for laboratory Internal Quality Control. 

With over 390 parameters, choice and flexibility is guaranteed.

Providing accurate and reliable sample material and delivering results you can trust.

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Quality Control for molecular biology 

Randox Qnostics is a leading provider of Quality Control solutions for molecular infectious disease testing. Our range comprises hundreds of characterised viral, bacterial and fungal targets covering a wide range of diseases.

Why Qnostic ?

As whole pathogen controls, the Qnostics Control range is designed to mimic the performance of patient samples and can be used to effectively monitor the performance of the entire testing process including extraction, amplification and detection.

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A live, cloud based interlaboratory data management 

The fast, intelligent user interface on 24•7 enables rapid review of QC data and QC failures, reducing the time spent analysing and identifying errors.
The new and improved home screen allows users to carry out tasks such as: Creation of new tests/panels | Filtering results by analyte/ instrument/ lot number | Entering single or several QC test(s) without having to navigate away to multiple areas within the application. See the software in action, click below or visit our video demonstrations now.

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