Vi-CELL™ 1M, Concentration control (1 x 20ml)

Référence: BEC-175478

For use with the Vi-CELL XR Cell Viability Analyzer. 
The concentration control consists of a mixture of latex beads at 1x106 beads/mL concentration.
It is recommended to run daily to verify that the Vi-CELL is counting properly. 

Your legacy Vi-CELL XR cell counter and viability analyzer is now replaced by the Vi-Cell BLU

    This combination does not exist.

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    Vi-CELL™ BLU, Sales Group, Cell Viability Analyzer

    Vi-CELL™ BLU, Sales Group, Cell Viability Analyzer

    Reference : BEC-C19201

    The faster Vi-CELL BLU automates the Trypan Blue Dye Exclusion method for cell viability analysis. The Vi-CELL BLU expedites processing by now having the option to use a 24-position sample carousel or a 96 well plate for sample delivery. 

    C19201 Includes Vi-CELL BLU Instrument (C19196) and Start up Kit (C23660)
    Startup Kit (C23660) Contains
    C22467 Carousel Assembly
    873155 Power Cord (North America)
    C09492 Power Supply, 90-264 VAC, 220 W, 12V/15A
    C99606 Vi-CELL Sample Vials (500 vials each bag), [C99606 replace previous C24243]
    C24841 Vi-CELL 96-Well Plate, 5 pcs
    C24842 Vi-CELL 96 Well Plate Cover Slip, 10 pcs
    C17273 Wrench, allen std hex 8mm
    C17843 Plug to cover locking screw hole

    Additional enhancements incorporated in the Vi-CELL BLU include:
    -Fully automated sample preparation, analysis and post-run cleaning
    -Small sample size
    -Fast sample processing time
    -Small laboratory footprint
    -Flexible sample introduction – carousel or 96 well plate
    -User-friendly reagent system
    -Cell viability reported in percentage, concentration, and cell count
    -Large sampler capacity
    -Data integrity tools
    Want more information? Watch the Vi-CELL BLU automated cell counter Launch video.

    Features :

    Increased Productivity

    FAST mode
    24-position carousel
    Supports 96 well plate sample introduction
    Customizable analysis parameters

    Flexibility and Ease of Use

    Easy sample vial dispensing
    Easy load reagent pack
    Load-on-the go processing
    Clean room kit option

    Reagent Pack

    RFID Tracking of reagent part number, lot number, activities, and expiration date
    Easy load for automated sample prep
    Labroatory reagent pack complete with Trypan Blue dye, buffer, disinfectant and cleaning solutions

    Data Integrity and Compliance

    Audit trail
    Error log files
    Electronic signature capability
    Secure user sign-on
    User level permissions
    Administrative configuration tools

    Your legacy Vi-CELL XR cell counter and viability analyzer is now replaced by the Vi-CELL BLU.