Welke verwerkingscapaciteit u ook nastreeft, Analis kan u een oplossing voor nucleïnezuurextractie bieden die aan uw eisen voldoet.

Our magnetic bead kits from Beckman Genomics can be used either manually or fully automated. 
When you just need a dedicated, walk away extractor, TANBead has several different extractors in its portfolio.
Our platforms will help you to get more consistent results for all genomic workflows. 
Extract DNA and/or RNA from different sample types from 10’s or 100’s of samples per day on our TANBead batch extractors, and upscale to 1000’s of samples on our Beckman Biomek liquid handlers.
Review our selection guide  for the overview of our solutions to support your sample prep workflows. 

Didn’t find your starting material or sample type? 
Contact us so we can discuss your specific needs with our “Genomics proof of principle support team”!

Beckman Coulter

Nucleic acid extraction solutions - kits for manual and automated extraction

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, is the supplier of the Solid Phase Reversible Immobilization (SPRI) technology, widely known as the science behind
AMPure XP. This technology offers high performance in extracting, purifying, cleaning, and size selecting nucleic acids with precision.  SPRI paramagnetic beads selectively bind nucleic acids by size. It has  become the gold standard for clean-up of nucleic acids in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)
The same technology is used for extracting nucleic acids from cells, tissue, blood and other samples types
The kits can be used manually or fully automated on a Biomek i5 & i7 automated liquid handlers

Contact us to see which platform is most suited for your budget and throughput needs.


Nucleic acid extraction - kits and systems for batch extraction

TANBead, or Taiwan Advanced Nanotech Inc. designs and manufactures products for magnetic bead purification, including automated extraction instruments and reagent kits based on magnetic nanoparticles. The patented magnetic bead stirring technology from TANBead delivers higher extraction efficiency and improved performance for applications in molecular diagnostics and life sciences. 
TANBead’s automated extraction devices provide you with a walk-away solution and labor-saving method for processing multiple samples at the same time. Their Maelstrom batch-instruments offer you
low to high-throughput platforms for nucleic acid isolations, but these instruments are capable of running any magnetic bead based extraction method, making it not only suited for DNA/RNA but also for protein or cell applications.

Ask our experts about the Maelstrom 4810, 9610 or 2410 and learn more about the capabilities of these instruments. 

Explore below the NEW Maelstrom Switch 8  that combines superior instrument capabilities with changeable gearboxes, delivering unrivalled flexibility and performance.


Nucleic acid extraction kits optimized for Real-Time PCR

KogeneBiotech has earned a reputation for innovation in molecular diagnostics. As such they have kits for manual nucleic acid extraction, to accompany their (real-time) PCR portfolio in the clinical and veterinary diagnostics, as well as food safety testing. 

Analis doesn't propose KogeneBiotech’s automated extractor for stand-alone nucleic acid extraction. However, if you intend to use Kogene’s real-time PCR solutions for high throughput IVDR analysis, Kogene’s nucleic extractor is part of the IVDR validated workflow * and can be included in the validated solution. 

Contact us for further discussion on implementing a validated analysis workflow from KogeneBiotech.  

* KogeneBiotech’s validated workflows

NEW  The TANbead Switch 8

Need flexibility for nucleic acid extraction?

The Maelstrom Switch 8 is an automated nucleic acid extractor, that combines superior instrument capabilities with changeable gearboxes, delivering unrivalled flexibility and performance.


  •  TANBead’s patented spin-mixing technology prevents the risk of sample cross-contamination 
  • Changeable gearbox to run any magnetic bead kit on the market or TANBead’s own 96-deepwell, 24-deepwell and auto-tube kits
  • Various sample volumes can be processed for a variety of applications & kits
  • Operational errors are avoided by fool-proof design of the Switch

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