257Lx1 Ultimate-Cell Stackable Shaking Incubator, 4-60, 30-300rpm

Reference: LAB-ZWYC-290A

257Lx1 Ultimate-Cell Stackable Shaking Incubator, 4-60, 30-300rpm
ZWYC-290A Ultimate-Cell stackable shaking incubator is the comprehensive solution with temperature, shaking speed, and optional features, e.g. CO2, humidity, photosynthetic lighting controls. 5L flask compatible. Touch screen control panel, non-frost cooling system, password encryption door lock, UV light, USB data output as standard.

▶ Intuitive Touch Screen Panel
▶ Direct Beltless Driving System
▶ Excellent Temperature Controlling System
▶ Direct Injection Humidification System
▶ Advanced CO2 control with Infrared (IR) sensor
▶ Extended Chamber Capacity
▶ Photosynthetic LED Lighting
▶ Contamination Control
▶ Data Logging
▶ Complete Protection For Cell Culture
▶ Password Door Lock System
▶ Internal chamber equipped with lighting ensure complete visibility
▶ Fully insulated chamber and door with double folded glass window optimize energy efficiency
▶ 2pcs of 50 mm diameter access ports
▶ One piece of predrilled shaking tray included as standard, clamps excluded
▶ Base Options: 35cm cabinet base stand; 50cm Frame base stand

    This combination does not exist.

    Technical information

    Outside (WxDxH)1320x870x590mm (Side Cooling)*
    Inside (WxDxH)940x570x480mm
    Net/Gross Weight
    (with Cooling)
    200kg / 275kg
    Control PanelTFT Touch Screen
    Operation Menu LANEnglish
    Ambient Temperature (°C)5-35°C
    UV Light≥400 mW/m²
    Noise Level>70 dB (1m above floor)
    ElectricityAC 220-240 Volt, 50/60Hz


    Control ModeFixed Value & Program
    Temperature RangeAmbient-15 to 60°C (Min. 4°C)
    Temperature Accuracy0.1°C
    Temperature Uniformity±0.5°C @37°C
    Principle of SensorPT100
    Air Circulation360m³/Hour
    Recovery (@37°C)10 mins (30 Seconds Door Opening)


    Humidity Range40-80%RH, at 25-55°C
    Temperature RangeAmbient-15 to 60°C (Min. 4°C) #
    Humidity Accuracy0.1%RH
    Humidity Uniformity±3%RH
    Principle of SensorCapacitive
    SystemDirect Steam Injection
    Water Heater150W
    Recovery (@70%RH)10 mins (30 Seconds Door Opening)
     # Min. Operating Temperature: 15°C when
    Photosynthetic Lighting option is applied.


     Shaking Unit
    Drive TypeDirect Beltless Driving System
    Tray Size850x450mm
    Maximum Load25kg
    Speed Range30-300 rpm
    Speed Accuracy±1 rpm
    Timer0-9999 mins
    Shaking ModeOrbital
    Shaking Diameter1-50mm Stepless Adjustment


    Principle of SensorInfared, NDIR
    CO₂ Range0-20%
    CO₂ Accuracy±0.15 @ 5.0%g
    Temperature Range25-55°C
    CO₂ Recovery (@5%)5 mins (30 Seconds Door Opening)


     Photosynthetic Lighting
    Part NumberP5011RBP5011W
    Light TypeLED, 50% Red, 50% BlueLED, 100% Warm White
    SpectrumRed: 640-660nm,
    Blue: 430-450nm
    Light IntensityUp to 700 μmol/(m2*s)Up to 400 μmol/(m2*s)
    ControlYes, Individually,
    from 0-100% output
    from 0-100% output
    Control ModeFixed Value & Programmable
    Dimensions (WxDxH)890 x 500 x 10mm


    Flask (ml)P8021
    96 Well Plate
    Tube Rack
    P6023 Tray98725032181186248
    P6022 Tray91704026151185158


     Order Information
    ZWYC-290AUltimate-Cell Stackable Shaking Incubator, 257Lx1, 4-60, 30-300rpm
    P5011WLED Lighting Panel, For ZWYR-D2401/D2402/D2403, ZWYC-290A, White
    P5011RBLED Lighting Panel, For ZWYR-D2401/D2402/D2403, ZWYC-290A, Red & Blue
    P5012-35Cabinet Base Stand for ZWYC-290A, H35cm
    P5012-50Frame Base Stand for ZWYC-290A, H50cm
    P5013Direct Steam Humidification Kit for ZWYC-290A
    P5014IR CO2 Kit for ZWYC-290A
    P5016RS-485 Interface
    P6022Tray for ZWYC-290A, Predrilled
    P6023Tray for ZWYC-290A, Plain
    P7024Universal Spring Pallet for ZWYC-290A
    P8010Tube Rack S/S
    P8011Tube Rack ABS Plastic
    P8017Sticky Mat, 20 x 20cm
    P8021O Clamp, S/S, for 50ml Flask, with Spring Retainer
    P8022O Clamp, S/S, for 100ml Flask, with Spring Retainer
    P8023O Clamp, S/S, for 250ml Flask, with Spring Retainer
    P8024O Clamp, S/S, for 500ml Flask, with Spring Retainer
    P8025O Clamp, S/S, for 750ml Flask, with Spring Retainer
    P8026O Clamp, S/S, for 1000ml Flask, with Spring Retainer
    P8027O Clamp, S/S, for 2000ml Flask, with Spring Retainer
    P8028O Clamp, S/S, for 3000ml Flask, with Spring Retainer
    P8029O Clamp, S/S, for 5000ml Flask, with Spring Retainer
    P8032Clamp for 96 Well Plate, S/S
     ※ S/S: Stainless Steel