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Fridges, Freezers and Ultrafreezers (-80°C freezers) are devices using compressor technology. The choice of the right instrument type depends on what you are storing and how long you are storing it. Analis distributes Gram Bioline fridges and freezers and Esco Lexicon ultrafreezers.


Ultra-Low Freezers

Gram Bioline Fridge Freezer Ultrafreezer Biocompact II Biomidi Bioplus

Domestic refrigerators should not be considered for professional use especially when it involves storing temperature sensitive material. The common misconception is that one refrigerator or freezer is as good as another. An important difference between domestic and laboratory refrigerators is the temperature performance. There is never just 1 temperature in a refrigerator or freezer. 2 important factors to consider are the spatial temperature deviation (temperature homogeneity) and the temperature variation in time (temperature fluctuation). Also aspects like access ports for temperature probes and temperature monitoring and alarm limits are features that come with laboratory refrigerators and freezers. For some application other types of interior components are needed like drawers. Typical applications are the storage of biological samples, medicines, vaccines, reagents, chemicals,…

When storing medicines, aside from a good temperature homogeneity and fluctuation, compliance to DIN 58345 is requested for refrigerators. For the interior ABS and aluminium drawers are more frequently used.

When storing explosive chemicals (especially within Atex zones), it is important to use Atex compliant refrigerators or freezers. Ideally the refrigerators or freezers comply with EN/IEC 60079-15, which covers electrical apparatus for use in Category 3, Zone 2 locations where explosive gas atmospheres may be present.

In GMP areas there are often very high demands for temperature performance that cannot be met by every brand. When placing refrigerators or freezers in GMP areas it is also important to consider the availability of IQ OQ PQ documentation for the instrument to purchase, which is often required for GMP environments.

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