Systec VX-75

Reference: SYS-1075

The Systec V-Series of top-loading vertical autoclaves in 8 different sizes with 40 to 150 liters chamber volume is distinguished by its small footprint and high chamber capacity. Result: optimal loading capacity with most standard media bottles and Erlenmeyer flasks.

• Fully automatic, microprocessor control including 12 programs:
1-3     Solids
4-5     Waste destruction bags
6-7     Liquid waste
8-11   Liquid Media
12      Cleaning
• Integrated separate steam generator (no heating elements in sterilization chamber)
• Novel safety ring-lock closure system with lip seal
• Temperature and steam pressure up to 140°C / 4 bar absolute pressure, extendable to 150°C / 5 bar absolute pressure
• Thermal lock: door lock controlled by pressure and medium temperature according to Pressure Vessel Regulations
• Flexible PT-100 temperature sensor for reference vessel
• Medium temperature-controlled sterilization time
• Electronic pressure transducer for pressure and temperature control
• "Autofill" - Automatic demineralized water feed for steam generation
• Special program for waste destruction with pulsating heat-up period for improved ventilation of waste bags
• Start by clock / timer for programmed start time
• Steam exhaust condensation, water cooled, thermostatic controlled
• Common collector connection for all outlets
• Emptying valve
• Base plate for vessels, baskets etc.
• Validation port
• RS 232 interface for external data transfer
• Prepared for subsequent printer installation
• Prepared for subsequent rapid cooling installation
• Prepared for subsequent installation of vacuum system
• Prepared for subsequent drying installation
• Safety cut of at low water level
• Safety cut of at excess temperature

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    Technical information

    Systec VX-75 Specifications:
    Chamber dimensions Ø x depth (mm): 400 x 600
    Chamber volume in liters total / nominal: 85 / 75

    Electrical connections: 380 - 400 V 3 phase (CEE socket 16 A)
    (220 Volt or other voltage and single phase 
    operation on request available)
    Demineralized water: 3/4" stopcock for tube connection 
    Process water (tap water): 3/4" stopcock for tube connection 
    (for exhaust vapor condensation; apparatus can also be operated without this)
    Drain: 3/4" tube connection; max. 400 mm from floor or floor drain (siphon).

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