Steam sterilizers

What is steam sterilization?

Steam sterilization is a method employed in the field of sterilization using a steam sterilizer or autoclave. The process is designed to eliminate all types of microbial life, including potentially harmful agents like fungi, bacteria, viruses, and spores. The method can be applied to sterilize surfaces, fluids, medications, or compounds, such as biological culture media. 
The procedure of steam sterilization is executed under specific conditions, including a steam pressure ranging from 1 to 5 bar, and a sterilization temperature within the range of 100 to 150°C.
Commonly applied parameters for steam sterilization include:

  • 121°C for 15 to 20 minutes
  • 134°C for 3 to 5 minutes

These standardized parameters ensure the effective elimination of microbial life, meeting the stringent requirements of sterilization in various applications.



Vertical floor-standing autoclaves (top-loading) from 40 to 150 liters chamber volume

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Horizontal bench-top autoclaves (front loading) from 23 to 200 liters chamber volume

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H Serie: Horizontal high capacity autoclaves (front-loading) from 65 zo 1580 liters chamber volume  
H-2 Serie: Double-door (pass through) autoclaves from 90 to 1580 liters chamber volume

What are the advantages of having your steam generator outside of the pressure chamber? 

Steam can either be generated by internal heating elements inside or outside the pressure vessel of the autoclave. When the steam generator is outside the pressure vessel, it is still integrated in the housing of the autoclave. Having the steam generator outside of the pressure vessel comes with some advantages:

  • Much better process control
  • Faster heating up to time
  • Vacuum can be pulled to ensure 100% removal of air, especially when sterilising hollow items and waste
  • Volume of the external steamgenerator is smaller and does very often not need a 3rd party for a yearly validation
  • Easier to clean the pressure vessel

What is a media preparator?

A mediaprep or media preparator is a device very similar to an autoclave, but designed specifically for media preparation. The medium is prepared (stirrer integrated in the vessel) directly into the pressure vessel and can be pumped directly to a filling station. The advantages of using a mediaprep for media preparations:

  • Mediapreps are optimized for fast and save media sterilization
  • Preparation and sterilization are done in one process
  • The filling of the culture media can be automized 
  • Reduced risk of re-contamination of the culture media after sterilisation

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Systec Mediaprep & Systec Mediafill Solutions

Have a look at this video showing showing a culture media sterilizer & automated petri-dish plate-pourer. Systec Mediaprep agar preparator and sterilizer and Systec Mediafill automated plate-pourer for petri-dishes, bi-plates, tri-plates and test-tubes. Fully automatic dosing and filling of Agar into petri-dishes (Ø 90, 70, 60 or 35 mm) and test tubes. 

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