Optimize Your Lab Processes with Top-Tier Benchtop Stirrers and Shakers?

Benchtop stirrers and shakers are used in labs every day and have many different applications. Choose from overhead stirrers, magnetic stirrers, vortexes, mixers, shakers, and more with a wide variety of feature options.  Our magnetic stirrers offer multi-position choices, and our shakers range from orbital to microplate with the choice of a rocker as well.

Overhead stirrer Heidolph Hei-TORQUE Mixing Stirring

Overhead Stirrers

Analis will support you with the best choice of overhead stirrers for your applications. We cover both simple mixing and homogenization solutions, or more complete solutions in reactors.

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Magnetic stirrer Heidolph Hei-PLATE Mixing

Magnetic Stirrers

The robust magnetic stirrers in the Hei-PLATE series were developed to optimally mix low-viscosity liquids from smooth to intense. Discover Heidolph’s comprehensive portfolio of magnetic stirring and heating plates.

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Shaker Vortexer Heidolph Mixing Shaking Plate Gel


Ideal for quickly mixing the contents of test tubes, centrifuge tubes, and similar vessels with various diameters and lengths. Without exception, the powerful shaking motion guarantees excellent mixing results.

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