Flow cytometry Cell sorting

Benchtop Cell Sorter for Research Flow Cytometry

Harnessing technologies that simplify setup and operation, our cell sorters allow you to focus  on research questions.

The  CytoFLEX Platform analyzers pair with the CytoFLEX SRT benchtop cell sorter to create a seamless detection and sorting experience. By harnessing easy-to-use CytExpert software in both instruments, you can effortlessly move protocol files and take your analytical experiments beyond detection into clonal expansion and sequencing.

It is capable of meeting requirements for a wide range of sorting needs. And like the CytoFLEX Platform, it includes innovative technologies that simplify the setup and operation, empowering investigators to focus on research questions. 
The Violet-Blue-Yellow Green-Red (V-B-Y-R) series has 15 fluorescent detectors when fully activated. It can be purchased with only four detectors with an option to 
activate additional lasers and detectors
 with an activation key. It is capable of complex sorting logic with different combinations of sorting settings on each of four streams, including the ability to catch aborts of one of the other streams.  

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Exquisite sensitivity for multicolor applications

Parameter matched to the CytoFLEX S V-B-Y-R Series

Intuitive software facilitates multicolor analysis, CytExpert for CytoFLEX SRT


From startup to sample sorting in <30 minutes.
Uses technology to increase ease of use by automating the setting and maintenance of the sorting flow during sorting. 
Designed for reliability and supported by teams of experts.


Up to 15 fluorescent colors to define populations.
4-way sorting, mixed mode sorting.
Ability to capture aborts and preserve precious cells.

High recovery and post sorting viability.
Accurate single-cell deposition using the Cyclone Movement System, including Index Sorting.
Sorting in tubes, slides, or microtiter plates.

Nanoscale Sorting with the CytoFLEX SRT Cell Sorter

  • Mixed Mode Sorting on the CytoFLEX SRT
  • Single Cell Sorting with CytoFLEX SRT Cell Sorter
  • ......


CytoFlex SRT - A method for evaluating cell concentration

A method for evaluating cell concentration: What sample concentration do I need for sorting?


Sorting Hematopoietic Stem Cells  Using Cytoflex SRT

The b. Sorting Hematopoietic Stem Cells Using Cytoflex SRT.

The Migration of panels designed on the Cytoflex S Flow Cytometer to Cytoflex SRT

The Migration of panels designed on the Cytoflex S  to Cytoflex SRT.