Clinical Automation (TLA)

Clinical Pre- and Post-Analytical Laboratory Automation Solutions


Maximize productivity & streamline workflow​

Clinical Lab Automation Solutions Designed to Relieve Health System Pressure

Expedite patient care and enhance laboratory efficiency with our automated clinical laboratory systems. Deliver rapid, consistent results to facilitate diagnosis and treatment—potentially improving patient care, emergency room times and patient/clinician satisfaction.

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DxA 5000 Fit


An  improved approach to diagnostic workflow by delivering compact, intelligent automation that fits mid-volume laboratories.

325 samples/hour with centrifuge connected
375 samples/hour without centrifuge connected

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DxA 5000


To eliminate the need for STAT. 
With the DxA 5000, every stage of your workflow (pre-analytical, connection to analytical and post-analytical) benefits from streamlined lab automation.

1200 samples/hour

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AutoMate 2500 Family


Pre- and Post-Sample Processing Systems

AutoMate 1200:   
800 samples/hour

AutoMate 2500:
1 200 samples/hour

Aliquoter: 900 primaries with 10% aliquoted to a daugther tube

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Clinical Pre-analytical Smart4Diagnostics Beckman Coulter

Reduce pre-analytical errors between blood collection and lab analysis

For laboratories, errors mean extra work, increased operating costs and decreased productivity. 
Thanks to the partnership with Smart4Diagnostics, Beckman Coulter will be able to close the preanalytical data gap between blood collection and laboratory analysis. This is due to errors before the sample arrives in the laboratory, such as sample collection, patient identification, sample handling, sample transportation, sample loss, etc.
From sample ordering to sample arrival, Smart4Diagnostics collects all relevant data-points to completely monitor sample workflow and conditions. 

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Lab Online 

An integrated web based Laboratory Information System (L.I.S.) offering direct access to care providers. 

REMISOL Advanced

Connects LIS & clinical automation sample processing systems  to consolidate patient test information frommultiple instruments in a lab or from multiple laboratories in a hospital network.


A cloud-based middleware with a large portfolio to  monitor instruments status and consumables, to provide insights into operations across the network.