Analis has been certified B Corp!🌍

As you maybe know, B Corp Certification is a recognition conferred by the global nonprofit organization B Lab to for-profit companies that meet the rigorous, highest ESG  (Environmental, Social and Governance) standards  according to 5 pillars: governance, customers, employees, environment and community.  
This certification confirms our commitment for many years to sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and ethical business practices. 
But what we're most proud of is the recognition we've received in a key area: our dedication to our employees. Also, we feel this certification as the fruit of a collective success, based on the commitment of each employee.

Obtaining B Corp certification marks a significant step for us, but it's just the beginning of our journey towards. This  certification will encourage us to pursue our commitments to preserving our environment, reducing our ecological impact and continuing to build ethical and sustainable relationships with our partners, whether they be internal or external.

We're happy to join the B Corp community
Together, let us embark on this journey of continuous improvement, guided by our shared values and driven by the wish to  build a better world for tomorrow.


Analis invests in green energy

As a distributor and manufacturer of scientific lab equipment and lab furniture, ANALIS sa/nv attaches much importance to sustainability and its ecological footprint. For several years now, ANALIS has been launching green actions and encouraging ecological behavior within the company that reflect our values.

Our core values - Respect our environment

respect value


excellence value


passion value


Respect, Excellence and Passion are part of our DNA.
It is our genetic code that daily drives our actions in every aspect of the company.

solar panels

Energy efficient premises

  • Window replacement: in 2016 we replaced all windows of our office buildings in Namur. On the one hand we offered our staff more temperature comfort and a better insulation of external noise, but on the other hand we also realized a considerable enery saving.
  • Sustainable electricity: in December 2018, Analis installed 900 solar panels on the roof of the Suarlée plant. The works were carried out by Total and the panels covered a total area of 1 500 m². We produce 250 Kw/h and we consume annually 450 Kw/h. 51.3% of the energy produced is consumed, the rest is injected into the network. 39.8% of the energy consumed is of green origin.

This project is part of Analis' commitment to invest in green energy. In addition to the savings made in electricity consumption, we also want to make an ecological act.

vincent luyckx Vincent LUYCKX • CEO of Analis
charging car point

Reducing the environmental impact of our employees and visitors travel

Analis installed 32 electrical charging points for electric and hybrid vehicles. It is a service of Analis to the staff but also to the customers, suppliers, visitors, …

In order to reduce CO2 emissions, various actions have been and will be taken for our fleet of vehicles:
Reduction of CO2 emissions by proposing to the personnel cars with a maximum of 105 grams.
• Draw the attention to alternative vehicles: hybrid/electric. Up to now 24 hybrid vehicles and 21 on order. More than 50% of our vehicles will be hybrids by 2023.
• Adjustment of the lease contracts according to the needs of each specific driver: The cars are no longer automatically replaced after 48 months, but the number of kilometres travelled is continuously evaluated in the context of the optimum replacement time.

In 2021, review of the fleet policy:
▪ Restriction to models emitting a maximum of 105 g CO2.
▪ Encourage hybrid/electric engines.
▪ Continuously check the optimal replacement time of the car to avoid the automatic replacement after 48 months if the car has low kilometers.



  • The Namur offices are located near the Domaine du Bois de Néverlée. It is therefore not strange to see many birds in the fields (magpies, wagtails, finches, sparrows, …) but also hares and small rodents. One of our colleagues is also watching the welfare of the birds by providing regular food to the bird houses in some trees.
  • Plantation of 72 fruit trees: in March 2020 our commitment to green energy led to the planting of 72 fruit trees in the garden of Analis-Namur.
    Fruit trees absorb CO2 - a greenhouse gas - and thus contribute to the fight against climate warming. Moreover, they offer shelter to the fauna around our offices (insects, birds, but also hares and small rodents). And if after a few years the cherries on the trees are ripe, the staff can pick them freely.

On a daily base

  • Sustainable waste management : according to the applicable standards, waste is sorted into separate waste containers. Plastic cups and coffee filters are replaced by glass and fabric bags respectively. Plastic bottles became glass containers. Crockery (cutlery and plates) is available for staff to eliminate the need for disposable cutlery and plates.
  • LED lights: common lamps have been replaced by LED lights and passageways have motion detectors to prevent electricity wastage. In addition to less energy consumption and longer lifetime, LED bulbs offer other advantages as you can read in the following articles (Dutch) –(Fench).

Taking action for a greener future:

Analis participate to the "Grand Nettoyage" action organized by BEWAPP  
around a common objective: collecting the waste that litters our streets, country lanes, rivers, etc., to improve the living environment .

From 1 p.m. to 2 p.m., a team of employees gathered and cleaned the streets surrounding our Suarlée headquarters, collecting 18 bags of waste in the process, totaling more than 60 kgs! 
Congratulations to them for their commitment to this cause, which is closely linked to the values of environmental respect.