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Choosing the right protection cabinet or workstation for your application can be a challenging task. It comes down to performing a risk analysis with evaluation of 2 important parameters: 

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What needs protection?

There are 3 different protection levels: the user/operator, the environment and the product/experiment. Sometimes the user and the environment need to be protected against the products used within the workstation (for example in the case of biohazards or hazardous chemicals). Sometimes the product/experiment needs to be protected against cross contamination with particles or micro-organisms (or even VOC’s) from the room air. Often protection is needed on all 3 levels.

Protection Hazard Biohazard protection cabinet

Against what is the protection needed?

What is the nature of the hazard or contaminant?

In case of hazards, they can be chemical, pathogens, allergens, radio isotopes,… When protection of the product/experiment is needed, in most cases protection is needed against are particles (or micro-organisms) travelling on particles. Exceptionally VOC (volatile organic compounds) protection is also applicable.

Each cabinet type is a combination of technologies like HEPA filtration, carbon filtration, extraction, … combined with a specific air flow construction to provide a solution to a combination of the requirement of the 2 questions above. 
For some specific workflows, adjusted cabinets are available. These are based on one of the standard cabinet types, but they have tailored adjustments to optimise the use of the cabinet for a specific application. Examples are ART workstations (for IVF), bedding disposal workstations (for animal research), animal transfer workstations (for animal research),…

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