Automated Liquid Handling

“Experts in fluidtransferology” ... 

That’s how the Analis team describes their position in the liquid handling market. 
The team has 30+ years of experience in liquid handling and offers a wide range of products for automated liquid handling.

Our market leading automated liquid handling brands: Beckman Coulter, Artel, part of Advanced Instruments and TANBead.
Beckman Coulter 
has the expertise and breadth of capabilities to expand your scientific boundaries, maximize your budget and rapidly drive your discoveries. Beckman has been building their name and reputation in Automated Liquid Handling through 30 years of Biomek generations (tip-based  Liquid Handlers) and their more recent, revolutionary Echo acoustic liquid handling technology (Acoustic Liquid Handling). All of our liquid handlers can evolve to integrated systems, just add simple devices or transform your Biomek or Echo to fully automated systems.

Analis, together with their supplier Beckman Coulter, have the expertise to maximize your budget and rapidly drive your science. 
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Our product categories in Automated Liquid Handling

Multi-Channel pipette Verification

Automating your workflow is one thing, correct pipetting is another so measuring is knowing, and that is true for automated liquid handling as well … 
Artel, part of Advanced Instruments, has become the acknowledged global measurement standard for verifying volumetric transfers and laboratories worldwide depend upon Artel’s technology to standardize and optimize their liquid handling instruments and processes so the scientific world can have total confidence in their pipetting results.
The MVS from Artel, distributed by Analis for the Benelux, is the easiest and fastest multi-channel volume verification system on the market. 

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Automation Multichannel pipette verification Beckman

Nucleic Acid Extraction

Just need to automate your nucleic acid, protein or cell extractions
TANBead, or Taiwan Advanced Nanotech Inc. designs and manufactures products for magnetic bead purification, including automated extraction instruments and reagent kits based on magnetic nanoparticles. The patented magnetic bead stirring technology from TANBead delivers higher extraction efficiency and improved performance for applications in molecular diagnostics and life sciences.

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