Cell culture and Fermentation

Solutions for Bioproduction and Analytical Characterization

Cell culture and fermentation techniques have allowed scientists to make huge progress in drug discovery and scientific research over the last 20 years.
However, maintaining cells is a time-consuming and error-prone process. Cells need to be handled under sterile conditions to avoid contamination and need to be kept under precise temperature and humidity conditions. These conditions can be met in regulated environments like CO2 Incubators, shaker incubators or bioreactors and fermenters.
Bioprocesses use complete living cells or their components (i.e. mammalian, algae, yeast, bacteria, enzymes, vesicles, membranes, ...) to obtain the desired products (i.e. mAb, hormones, viral particles, bioethanol, various extracts, ...).

Analis Life Sciences is your long-term partner to make your analytical characterization or bio-production process efficient, reproducible and robust.
Our experts will advise you and offer innovative solutions, equipment and services for upstream and downstream processing, as well as all PAT process analytical technologies (inline, online or offline analysis).

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