Platelet aggregation

Detection & diagnosis of hemostasis disorders, including inherited & acquired platelet dysfunctions.

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The  Platelet Aggregation Profiler PAP-8E is an advanced aggregometer for clinical and research laboratory applications.  Exceptional ease of use and standardized test procedures allow for rapid, routine testing for platelet function. Comprehensive results include area under the curve, area under the slope, and user defined analyses. 

Platelet Aggregation-Hemostasis Disorders

The PAP-8E offers Routine and Special AggregationTesting, Ristocetin CoFactor Activity Analysis, Anti-Platelet Drug Assessment, and Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia Detection. The PAP-8E is designed to support detection and diagnosis of hemostasis disorders, including inherited and acquired platelet dysfunctions. The system measures the rate and extent of activation, aggregation, agglutination and inhibition reactions. It has on-screen timers and audible alarms which free the operator to perform other tasks during incubation and test sequences. Standard micro-volume quantities reduce sample and reagent consumption. Agonist induced procedure templates are preprogrammed for many tests. Templates assure that tests are performed the same way, time after time.

  • Eight independently operated test channels
  • Nine test results reported per channel
  • Standard micro-volume (225uL) samples
  • User-defined test templates & protocols
  • Walk-away operation

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