Dive into the world of synthesis with us, where precision meets progress.

At Analis, we're your trusted distributor of cutting-edge scientific equipment. Our dedication to innovation and quality is reflected in our synthesis solutions. Dive into the world of synthesis with us, where precision meets progress.

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Parallel chemical synthesis reaction stations lab-scale reactors


Analis offers a diverse range to meet your specific needs, featuring high-pressure reactors from industry leader Parr Instrument Company, glass reactors in partnership with Radleys, Milestone's microwave reactors, and Labtech’s innovative synthesis platform. Trust in our history of collaboration with these renowned manufacturers and let us build a reactor system for you.

Flash purification chromato chromatography column


Elevate your purification processes with the puriFlash® range of chromatography systems, tailored by Interchim for both routine flash purifications and more intricate separations. Designed to guarantee success in every application, the puriFlash® system's versatility seamlessly transitions from lab-scale purification to large-scale production, ensuring optimal performance regardless of complexity.

Evaporation Rotary Evaporator Chemical synthesis


Tailor your setup for any application with versatile combinations of glassware and a comprehensive range of accessories. Our rotary evaporators, manufactured by Heidolph and Labtech, are perfectly complemented by carefully matched peripherals. In personalized consultancy, our specialists address your unique requirements, guiding you from optimal configuration to process optimization.

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