DNA / RNA (Nucleic acids)

We have selected our range of solutions and suppliers with the following main goals in mind:
 Our products should be easy to use
 Our products would need to increase your lab’s productivity
 Our products should reduce your hands-on time 

Genomics Workflow

That is exactly what Artel (part of advanced instruments), Beckman, Corning HTL, Esco, Kogene, Sciex, TANBead and Vilber have to offer!

Are You Ready to Elevate Precision in Your Genomic Nucleic Acid Journey?

 Starting with nucleic acid extraction, our kits can be used either manually or fully automated.
 We can run a purity and quality check on your extracted nucleic acids.
 We offer scalable solutions for nucleic acid amplification, no matter what your downstream needs are. We propose robust thermal cyclers and provide several fully automated ‘amplification’ solutions for PCR, qPCRmicroarrays or (next-generation) sequencing (NGS).
 After amplification, you often need to clean up your nucleic acids. One of our SPRI solutions is AMPure XP, the gold standard in PCR purification. This SPRI kit is the most cited and used clean-up kit within the NGS market.
Nucleic acid-based analysis methods provide high sensitivity, robustness, and specificity and have been widely applied for the analysis of clinical, environmental, and food samples. Pathogen identification and biomarker detection, as well as species identification, are just a few of the application domains for which our suppliers provide solutions.
 Products for 
nucleic acid decontamination complement our portfolio

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