Application Support

Get support to accelerate your workflow, optimize your processes.

More than 35 "solution-oriented" application specialists and product specialists apply themselves to a specific application field to find the best solutions for your applications.   These specialists undergo continuous training with our suppliers to deliver high-level expertise in specific application areas.

They can provide extensive assistance and application support to:

- help you  to configure lab instruments according to the specific applications  and unique requirements.

- assist laboratories  developing and implementing new methods .

- provide guidance to optimize device utilization and streamline your analysis workflow. 

- enhance the performance and efficiency of your lab processes.

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Quality & Excellence: A Commitment 

At ANALIS, excellence is a commitment shared by each of our employees, driven by a continuous improvement mindset to satisfy all our clients: clinical, industrial, and research laboratories. 

Respect, excellence, and passion are the core values deeply embedded in our DNA.
We also prioritize environmental respect and reducing our ecological impact as part of our commitments. We strive to engage as long-term partners with both our suppliers and clients. Contributing to research and improving health and quality of life through the implementation of cutting-edge technologies in laboratories is also a crucial part of our mission. 
That's why we have teams of experts and service engineers specialized in each laboratory segment and application area, allowing for a personalized approach with integrated solutions in every laboratory. Our vision is to position ourselves as a "Label of Quality" for each laboratory, which remains one of our daily challenges.