BioLector XT & Biomek i5 liquid handler

Automate & symplify microbial processes

The integration of the BioLector XT microbioreactor in the Biomek i5 liquid handler is an automated microbial screening platform that comes with 8 pipetting channels (fixed tips).

The deck of the liquid handler provides 13 positons for labware in addition to 2 active wash stations for tip wash and decontamination. Optional cooling, heating and shaking positions allow for liquid and sample storage on the deck in case these special environmental conditions are needed. 

This BioLector XT & Biomek i5 INTEGRATION offers:

-  Automated sampling / harvesting
- Automated inoculation of cultivation wells
- Automated induction
-  Bolus feeding / repeated fed-batch
-  Induction profiling
-  Microbial growth synchronization
-  Feed profiling
- Media preparation
-  Automated upstream processing with microbial cultures 

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