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Drug, Toxicology & Microbiology Rapid Testing Solutions & Reader

Screening by immunochromatographic test makes it possible to quickly begin personalized patient care.  In order to help laboratories in the search for the best tests combining an optimal ratio of specificity and sensitivity, Thanks a partnership with Sekisui, ScreenItalia and Healgen, Analis offers you a complete catalog of screening for drugs and infectious diseases.
All of our rapid screening tests are compatible with a single reading allowing you a standardized, reproducible reading and optimal monitoring of the traceability of the reagents.

Drug Screening Rapid Tests

Rpapid Tests Toxicology Drug Screening

Rapid immunochromatographic test for the detection of Drugs in human urine, saliva, surfaces and hair.
Rapid test for the qualitative detection of the presence of illicit substances                                       

  • Urine drug test
  • Saliva drug test
  • Surfaces drug test
  • Hair drug test
  • K2 synthetic drug test
  • Adulteration test

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Microbiology Rapid Tests

Rapid Tests Microbiology

Urine - Fecal - Respiratory - Blood, Serum and Plasma - Genital area samples

Respiratory - Blood, Serum and Plasma - Genital area samples

Fecal - Genital aera samples - Blood, Serum and plasma and others....

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One Reader for Rapid Tests

Rapid Tests Reader

ESEQuant FLEX: a lateral flow reader for the whole Analis rapid tests portfolio 

  • Colorimetric Lateral Flow
  • LIS Connectivity 
  • Strip & cassette comptabile
  • Cutomization done by Analis
  • A multi user login
  • Memory Capacity: Up to 100 test methods and up to 300 test results

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