Transfer pipettes

The wide range of liquid handling products available in the Corning HTL catalogue is designed to address the evolving expectations of our customers, who place a high value on the safety, ease of use and reliability offered by HTL products. Thanks to over 40 years of experience, cutting edge manufacturing technologies and the dedication of the entire team at HTL, the products manufactured by HTL are of the highest quality.

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Swiftpet Pro pipet controller

Pipetting using glass and plastic volumetric pipets has never been easier than with the Swiftpet Pro Pipet Controller. An ergonomically shaped handle along with optimally located, smooth pushbuttons and switches guarantee effortless pipetting even during periods of extended use. A convenient charging stand allows the pipet controller to be stored when not in use. Easily accessible switches on the Swiftpet Pro allow the user to select different operation modes depending on the volume of pipet and viscosity of liquid. The Swiftpet Pro is an excellent tool for pipetting in tissue culture laboratories, water treatment facilities, academic labs, and more, each time you need a "Pipetboy".

Safe and efficient work.
 Protected by a PTFE filter that blocks liquids from entering the unit
 Autoclavable filter, pipet holder and nosepiece
 UV-resistant body for safe sterilization
 Powerful, environmentally friendly 3 Ni-MH batteries enable many hours of continuous work

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