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Beckman Coulter: DxA 5000 Fit

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With the DxA 5000 Fit, mid-sized labs can enjoy the same benefits as larger-volume labs

Ideal for laboratories with space constraints, the scalabe design of DxA 5000 FIT allows to easily expand to accommodate growing workloads. 

Comprehensive workflow automation to reduce up to 80% of manual steps through pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical automation9, conserving precious human resources to do higher-value clinical work

Intelligent routing with dynamically calculated route planning for rapid and consistent TAT, with STATs always prioritized to deliver results faster

Flexible design that can be adapted to meet a mid-volume lab’s space and infrastructure constraints



DxA 5000 Fit expands to all disciplines!  Increased flexibility

NOW It is possible, not only to have DxA 5000 Fit for CC and IA, but also to connect DxH900 and Coagulation Analyzers to DxA 5000 Fit
DxA 5000 FIt is a clinical lab automation systems for mid-sized lab. Ideal for laboratories with space constraints, the scalabe design of DxA 5000 FIT allows to easily expand to accommodate growing workloads.
Beckman has been decided to allow maximal connection flexibility to DxA 5000 Fit. Therefore, as today it is possible, not only to have DxA 5000 Fit for CC and IA but also to connect DxH 900 and coagulation analyzers to DxA 5000 Fit. The 4 disciplines can now mixed in any type configuration as long as the total number of connections does not exceed four.

Dxa 5000 Fit

Maximize productivity

The DxA 5000 Fit automation system delivers a unique combination of rapid and consistent turnaround time along with the industry’s most comprehensive pre-analytical sample quality assessment. It delivers significant efficiency gains by joining automated pre- and post-analytical sample processing with connected chemistry and immunoassay analyzers.
Technologists are highly skilled and hard to find, yet analysis shows up to 70% of their time is spent doing routine pre- and post-analytical work. To help labs maximize the impact of their valuable staffs, the DxA 5000 Fit has been designed to automate up to 80% of manual steps that are performed before and after analysis.


Implementation of DxA 5000 Fit in Hospital of Calais 

Recently, the DxA 5000 Fit was installed in Centre Hospitalier de Calais in Calais, France. The hospital’s goal was to maintain consistent productivity by optimizing the entire tube sample workflow with automated pre-analytical and analytical processes. Going forward, the DxA 5000 Fit will allow the hospital to support increased volume as well as expanding automation to other disciplines.

Endless Benefits

The DxA 5000 Fit is an automation system comprising an integrated input/output module—which can be combined with a centrifuge—connected to up to four of the following Beckman Coulter Clinical Chemistry/Immunoassay instruments: Dxl 600, DxI 800/(9000); DxC 700 AU, AU 5800.

DxA 5000 fit Workflow pre-analytical connection to analytical post-analytical

Streamline workflows



Freeing up valuable medical technologists’ time
Improving the speed and consistency of turnaround time
Helping to identify errors earlier and reduce human errors
Optimizing laboratory operation



Sample quality detection uses the industry’s most  comprehensive pre-analytical specimen check to inspect8 sample parameters within 3 seconds of touching each tube
Universal centrifugation profile can reduce centrifugation  processing time
Single point of entry supports various tubes types and sizesfor batch loading with STAT samples having the highest priority



 Direct-track sampling is designed to connect to immunoassay and select chemistry analyzers.