Viruses Disinfection in Pharma & Biotech Research


Air Disinfection & Control

Microbial Air Samplers Orum

Microbial Air Samplers

Orum International has developed a very wide portfolio adapted to all markets with key benefits like automated and digitalized data transfer, lighter Air Sampler bodies, and a very flexible portfolio. Also very unique solutions that can help you improve your workflow efficiency and compliance in cleanroom environments.

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Surfaces Disinfection

Decontamination of respirators - Masks Memmert

Decontamination of respirators Masks

MEMMERT Dry Heating oven for sterilization to decontaminate respirators, masks.  VIDEO

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Sterilization of contaminated wastes​ Systec

Sterilization of contaminated wastes​

The Systec autoclaves are built in a modular way with a vast variety of options and accessories to equip exactly to customer’s requirements for standard processes such as sterilization of liquids, solid items or waste, but also for more demanding sterilization processes such as Steam/Air Mixture or Glass-Test and Rubber Closure Test according to Pharmacopoeia. 

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Decontamination of surfaces Vilber

Decontamination of surfaces

VILBER UV germicidal lamps: The UV germicidal lamps help to prevent contamination in research laboratories or in medical environment. These lamps emit 254 nm UV radiation, well known for their efficiency in the destruction of bacteria, moulds, yeasts and viruses.

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