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Our goal in flow cytometry is to help you achieve your goals—by providing the technology you need to get the most accurate, reproducible results, whether for routine cell based assays or for high-complexity flow cytometry applications. For the clinical diagnostic laboratory that are constantly under pressure to do more with less, our solutions streamline the workflow and eliminate time-consuming manual steps that can result in costly errors.


Can multi-color flow cytometry be less complex ? Yes, with the DxFLEX 

Less complexity in your lab.

DxFLEX is a clinical flow cytometry platform derived from the successful CytoFLEX. The advanced sensitivity and intuitive software DxFLEX makes flow cytometry routine for both novice and expert flow cytometry technicians and promotes standardization

  •  Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) detection modules offer superior signal resolution
  • Simplified system settings, data acquisition & result export functions
  • Different instrument configurations available with up to 3-laser and 13-color detection
  • Optional DxFLEX Autoloader decreases the hands-on time with multiple tube loading and plate loading*

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Aquios CL

Load & Go routine clinical diagnostics

The AQUIOS CL is the first true Load & Go flow cytometer, combining sample preparation and analysis in one platform, while optimizing the usage of limited laboratory space. With the intuitive technology that requires less training it increases productivity while reducing error-prone steps.

  • Improve handling of potentially biohazardous sample material through cap piercing
  •  Increase productivity with high-throughput performance
  • Enable full traceability through barcoded reagents and LIS connectivity
  • Benefit from a Windows 10 operating system

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Navios EX

Automates the standardization workflow using target channels to enable consistent results over time as well as across sites using shared targets.

 Designed specifically for the clinical laboratory, the Navios EX flow cytometer delivers proven reliability and stability performance with improved sample traceability and reporting functions.

Different instrument configurations (5+3) available with up to 2-laser and 10-color detection

Up to 12 parameters for identification of populations in complex advanced applications.

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