Freeze dryers pilot

Freeze dryers pilot are designed for process optimisation or small batch production  

The perfect choice for small-batch series production! Users can choose from various models covers product capacities from 4 kg to 16 kg per drying cycleThe temperature-controlled shelves for your product are sized between 0.11 m² and 1.2 m².

Each lyophilizator delivers optimal results in the freeze-drying of solids or liquids in a wide variety of containers. With similar geometries, comparable temperature control systems, and identical user interfaces, these systems follow the same philosophy as our large production units.
Detailed but nevertheless intuitive process control is as much a matter of course for all models as the use of the best available process analytical technologies (PAT tools), which are particularly important for development tasks.
We are at home in virtually all industries, with a strong focus on the
pharmaceutical and biotech segments. 

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