ID/AST Panels

Provide first-time accuracy with direct MIC in your lab for trusted detection of emerging and critical antimicrobial resistance.

The MicroScan portfolio of ID/AST panels supports unique institutionnal needs with a broad menu of antibiotic configurations and choice of inoculum preparation methods. 

With continued emergence of antimicrobial resistance, our direct MIC (Minimum Inhibitory Concentration) testing methodology provides confidence for detecting subtle changes in susceptibility results.

  •  Meets a variety of needs thanks to the large selection of antibiotics and dilutions tested.
  • Use either the Prompt or the turbidity inoculum preparation method for greater flexibility in the analytical process
  • Use visual confirmation of biochemical and susceptibility test results for additional verification of a typical results
  • Benefit from βLSE confirmation embedded in most plates for Gram-negative organisms.


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