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How does an Ion Chromatograph work?

Ion chromatography is generally used to separate and detect hydrophilic anions and cations in aqueous solutions.
After the sample is injected, the ions to be analysed are exchanged with dissociable ions on the ion exchange resin at first (i.e.
retained on the analytical column). 

When an NaOH solution is used as an eluent to analyse F- , Cl- and SO42- in the sample, the ions retained
on the analytical column are replaced by OH- in the eluent, and the ions with weak affinity to the resin are eluted firstly. This is the
separation process of ion chromatography. The eluent is suppressed by a chemical suppressor which reduces the background
conductance of the eluent. Only then, the ions to be analysed can be measured accurately when passing through the conductivity cell. 

working principle ion chromatography

CIC-D100 Ion chromatograph 

is a classic product of SHINE, which has been accepted by many customers.Based on the latest requirements of users,a newly upgraded CIC-D100 for conventional detection came into being.The new IC not only can detect anions, cations and other polar substances in different matrix samples, but also separate ions with 4 orders of magnitude difference.Compared with the previous one, it is more accurate and reliable. One-key switch and intelligent maintenance functions are added to give users a better experience. It is suitable for commercial labs, enterprises, environmental protection, chemical industry, mining & metallurgy ,etc.

CIC-D150 Ion Chromatograph

is designed for the intelligentization, which realizes the functions of remote control by mobile APP,  timing startup and preheating, one-key intelligent maintenance, etc. it is more convenient to use and greatly improves the  productivity and user experience of the laboratory.

CIC-D180 Ion Chromatgraph

 is a new generation of intelligent ion chromatograph of SHINE. The simple pipeline layout and various component configurations make CIC-D180 flexible and changeable. It can be equipped with various detectors on demand to realize the combination technology easily. It can also be transformed into dual system and two-dimensional ion chromatograph, which is suitable for various application scenarios.

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CIC-D120+Ion chromatograph 

is the third generation of SHINE basic intelligent product. The design of the instrument adopts a new concept from appearance to internal structure . It is a fully plasticized reagent-free product, which can be used in many fields such as environmental protection, petrochemical, drinking water, food detection and other conventional and trace detection.

CIC-D300 plus Ion Chromatograph

Dual-channel Ion Chromatograph
As a new generation of intelligent dual channel ion chromatograph, CIC-D300 plus is the latest ion chromatograph independently  developed and produced by SHINE in terms of software and hardware. Each channel operates independently at the same time  without mutual interference, realizing the simultaneous detection of cation and anion.

CIC-D500+ Ion chromatograph, 

as a new multi-functional ion chromatograph, realizes the modularization of key components such as infusion pump, eluent generator, column oven, conductivity detector, suppressor, etc. The whole machine can be configured optionally. It can not only use conductivity detector, but also use ampere detector or ultraviolet detector at the same time, effectively responding to the needs of high-end customers for multiple detection capabilities of ion chromatograph.

Core IC components

IC columns

Anion/Cation chromatography columns and guard columns

SHINE is the second manufacturer worldwide to successfully develop and mass-produce hydroxide-system IC columns. Their unique stationary phase bonding technology and polymer-based sphere surface technology yield excellent peak shapes, separations, stability and reproducibility for a wide range of IC applications.

IC suppressor

Anion/Cation suppressors

SHINE’s self-regenerating electrolytic suppressors don’t require acid or alkali flushing to regenerate. Their high suppression capacity, low background conductance, stable baseline and maintenance free design guarantees a long lifespan for all customers. These suppressors are compatible with instruments from other IC manufacturers.

IC eluent generator

Built-in features

A built-in eluent generator is the core technology of the new generation reagent-free IC systems. It generates the required amount and concentration of eluent on-line by only adding ultrapure water to the system, eliminating the time-consuming operation of manual preparation of eluent and decreasing possible operator errors. The on-line degassing device removes bubbles from dissolving or mixing air in the mobile phase and thus stabilizing both baseline and peaks of the analysis.

IC autosampler


The SHA universal autosamplers use the most advanced sampling technology to achieve rapid sampling and rinsing by an efficient multi-solvent needle-washing procedure. SHA-18i can be used with dual channel instruments by using multiple sample trays and performing functions such as automatic dilution and micro injections.

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