Universal Testing Machines for tensile - compression - bending - …

Revolutionary systems optimized for production testing applications: 

medical devices, plastics, packaging, textiles, rubber, wood, electronics, pharma and  cosmetic, electronics. 

Single Column Universal Test Machines - Up to 5 kN

 The single column test stands offer a wide range of materials testing possibilities no matter what your testing needs are. Use the force testing machines for compression testing (Push) and tensile testing (Pull), or to perform a wide variety of tests on the universal materials testing machines.


AMETEK LLOYD-LS-Tensile-Force-Testing-Machine

AMETEK  LLOYD - LS Series - Up to 5 kN

The LS Series have a large working area and come in three sizes and capacities: the LS1 (up to 1 kN/225 lbf), the LS2.5 (up to 2.5 kN/562 lbf) and the LS5 (5kN/1124 lbf).

A high speed version of the LS5 tester is available. With a test and return speed of 2032 mm/min (80 in/min) the LS5HS is ideal for high volume applications and automation solutions where focus on throughput is of essence.

LS Series Key Features:
- Simple to set up, operate and maintain
- Data sampling rate 8 kHz
- Save up to 600 test results
- 10 programmable test set-ups
- Multilingual and multi-unit display options as standard
- Export data directly into your Excel and Word templates
- High speed model is available for high volume applications testing


   AMETEK LLOYD-CS2-Tensile-Force-Testing-Machine

AMETEK  CHATILLON - CS2 Series - Up to 5 kN

The CS2 Series feature a 2-in-1 laptop console with a user-friendly, robust and reliable 13” touch screen for use in production environments. The screen offers both graphical and tabular results along with a very intuitive user interface regardless of the operator skill level. 
The CS2-225 offers a large work area with 180 mm throat depth and a 500 mm crosshead travel. This model is ideal for testing applications up to 1 kN (225 lbf). The CS2-1100 offers 150 mm throat depth and a 800 crosshead travel and is ideal for testing applications up to 5 kN /1124 lbf). Both models have a speed accuracy better than 1%.
CS2 Series Key Features:
- Intuitive, user-friendly 2-in-1 laptop
- Colorful 13" screen for easy and fast test setups
- Robust construction
- Flexible "T" Slot mounting base for custom fixturing
- Results and statistics are exported to CSV and PDF formats
- Automatic export of results via RS232 interface after each test
- 100 Hz data sampling
- Multilingual and multi-unit display options as standard

Dual Column Universal Test Machines - Up to 100 kN

 The dual column test stands are designed to measure medium or high force ranges on large materials where high precision is required. 

AMETEK  LLOYD  - LD Series - Up to 100 kN

Designed for both routine quality control testing, automated testing and for performing complex multi-stage testing, the LD Series bench mounted testing machines come in five bench mounted models: the LD5 (up to 5 kN/1124 lbf), LD10 (up to 10 kN/2248 lbf), LD30 (up to 30 kN/6744 lbf), LD50 (up to 50 kN/11240 lbf) and LD100 (up to 100 kN/22480 lbf).
LD Series Key Features:
- Simple to set up, operate and maintain
- High stiffness frame
- High performance AC drive
- Compliant to CE machinery directive

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Dual Column Universal Test Machines - Up to 1000 kN

The Hoytom LAB series, is made with nominal capacities between uo to  1000 kN. Its high capacity load cell provides maximum accuracy across the entire measurement range. It can also be equipped with a large range of fixtures, such as tensile grips, T-Slotted plates, compression plates, bending tools, extensometers, etc. Each machine includes our Hoytom HoyWin® test control software, and our custom designed electronics. This enables users to extract maximum performance and accuracy, through a simple and intuitive interface. Typical test applications include high strength steel, aerospace and automotive structures, screws, nuts, etc.

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HOYTOM HM-D Lab Series up to 300kN

HOYTOM HM-D Lab Series up to 600kN

HOYTOM HM-D Lab Series up to 1000kN

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STARK Transmission System

The transmission in the HOYTOM STARK system, with its tempered gears rather than belts or chains, ensures there is hardly any deformation during peak torque. Thereby increasing rigidity and notably reducing the "rebound effect" following specimen breakage.

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Materials Testing Software

HoyWin®  Materials Testing Software
The HoyWin® software is available for Hoytom testing machines. HoyWin® has been designed to be an extension of our testing instruments, providing efficient operation and powerful analytical tools for each test.

Computer integrated in the machine - Touchscreen - Smart|Remote® Control

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