J-LITE® JLA-8.1000 Fixed-Angle Aluminum Rotor 6x 1 Liter, 8,000 rpm, 15,970 xg

Reference: BEC-363688

For use in: Avanti JXN-26, Avanti J-26 XP Series and Avanti J-26S Series centrifuges.

Major applications: General purpose, large-volume processing, harvest and pelleting of bacteria, cell organelles, viruses, and precipitates, protein concentration.

Package Includes:
- JLA-8.1000 Rotor body;
- Biosafety Lid
- Removable canisters
- Labware Kit (392574)

Labware Kit (392574) Includes: Bottle Rack, Spatula, Tool Kit (bottle grip and wrench).

    This combination does not exist.

    Technical information

    Platform: Avanti
    Rotor Type: Fixed-Angle (High Performance)
    Angle: 20
    Maximum RPM: 8.000 rpm
    Maximum RCF: 15.970 xg
    k-Factor: 2.482
    Number of Tubes: 6x 1.000 mL (95 x 191 mm)
    Nominal Capacity: 6 Liters
    Empty rotor weight: 16.8 kg
    rMAX: 222.8 mm
    rMIN: 119 mm
    rAV: 171 mm
    BioSafe: Bio-Certified
    Materials: Anodized Aluminum
    Package Quantity: 1

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    Avanti JXN-26, High Performance Centrifuge, IVD, 230V, 50Hz, 32A

    Avanti JXN-26, High Performance Centrifuge, IVD, 230V, 50Hz, 32A

    Reference : BEC-B38623

    Experience simplified high-throughput sample processing and more control with the Avanti® JXN-26. Rely on the powerful features, improved imbalance tolerance, and quiet performance.

    The Avanti JXN-26 stands out with these enhanced features:
    -Monitoring and control flexibility with MobileFuge
    -Advanced, easy-to-use data management
    -Ergonomic design
    -Intuitive interface

    Features :
    Data Management Provides Traceability
    Ideal for supporting numerous protocols in shared labs or GMP environments
    Utilize data logging and real-time run graphing
    Password protection for up to 50 unique user profiles
    Network multiple instruments
    Set up and store numerous protocols

    Application Versatility

    Temperature control is optimized ensuring sample quality and avoiding unwanted artifacts
    Compatible with an extensive library of rotors, including fixed-angle and swinging bucket
    Adaptable for numerous application and workflow needs – includes BioSafe system providing operator safety and sample protection
    Broad labware range including Harvest Liners provide a complete sample protection solution.

    Safe and Sustainable
    Dynamic Rotor Inertia Check (DRIC) and rotor recognition provide redundant safety checks to assure no rotor can be run above its rated speed
    High-torque, Switched Reluctance (SR) drive cycle shortens cycle times
    Uses less energy than traditional centrifuges

    Easy to use software

    Simultaneous display of set and actual run conditions
    Rotor selection by name (not code)
    11 acceleration/12 deceleration rates
    Delay start
    Run times to 99:59, Hold, and ω2t integrator for applications requiring precise reproducibility