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Gloss Meter – Orange Peel Meter – Haze Meter – Transmission Meter – Paint Mottling Meter

When we talk about total appearance, a lot of technologies are used depending  on the customer's application. 
The most important ones are gloss, orange peel, haze in reflection, haze in transmission, cloudiness and many more.

BYK WAVE-SCAN-OrangePeel-Meter.jpg

Orange Peel Measurement at its best

The wave-scan 3 can do everything the old wave-scan could plus much more:
New appearance scales such as “dominant wavelength” analysis, require high computing power. The new wave-scan 3 is equipped with state-of-the-art chip technology to provide measurement results for any scale in 1.2 seconds.
The new wave-scan 3 shows pass/fail of your measurement data directly on the instrument display. All is packaged in an ergonomic design with large color touch display for ultimate user friendliness.                                                              


Byk Gloss measurement MICRO-GLOSS SERIE

Gloss Measurement

Why is the micro-gloss series the unsurpassed industry standard for gloss measurement?
To ensure gloss harmony, i.e. no visual gloss differences between adjacent parts coming from different suppliers, a gloss meter must meet the following technical requirements:

  • Excellent repeatable short- and long-term results.
  • Temperature-stable results - no matter whether you measure inside or outside in winter or in summer.
  • Same results from instrument to instrument.
  • Reliable data at any gloss level for high to low gloss applications.


BYK haze-gloss_metere

Gloss Measurement & Haze Control

The Byk haze-gloss is a benchtop haze-gloss hazemeter designed for laboratory needs. Gloss, haze and mirror reflection can all be measured with one instrument for low to high gloss surfaces. Mirror reflection is required for materials with very high reflection capabilities, such as metals. The included reference beam, closed optics and self diagnosis guarantee accurate quality control.


BYK Transparency-Haze-Gard

Transparency Measurement

haze-gard i: transparency transmission haze meter

Transparent products can have a milky or fuzzy appearance dependent on their light scattering behavior. The haze-gard i quantifies the visual perception with objective measurement criteria:

Total transmittance
Transmission haze

Two models:  haze-gard i and haze-gard i Pro


BYK Cloud runner - Paint Mottling

Mottling Meter     Control of Paint Mottling

Mottling is an undesired effect which is most obvious on light metallic finishes. These irregular lightness variations can now be objectively measured with the cloud-runner. Small design, ease-of-use and fast data collection make the mottling meter the ideal tool for batch approval and process control.


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