Physical properties of paints & plastics

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Analis provides many different tools to optimize your Quality in a Lab &
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Viscosity, Hardness, Impact, Manual & Automated Wet Paint 
Applicators, Film Thickness (dry as well as wet), Drawdown Charts, and 
many more give you a total solution.

Scrub abrasion and washability testersAbrasion and Scrub Kits for special applications

Abrasion Testers for paints & coating

  Abrasion resistance is an important property for paint and coatings. An abrasion test is also common for tile, flooring, furniture, wall coverings, shower stalls, and bath tubs. The abrasion tester produces a repeatable, controlled condition to simulate everyday use or wear pattern. The abrasion testers have a flexible design to use brushes, sponges, abrasive pads, and sand paper to wear the surface. Besides testing scrub abrasion, the gardner-scrub can also be set up for washability tests. Special modification kits are available for other applications, specific tests such as stain resistance and detergent tests. Ready right out of the box - no assembly needed! Explore scrub abrasion and washability testers - 5 variations available.     


Drawdown Cards & Panels

Drawdown Cards & Panels

BYK-Gardner offers a wide range of drawdown cards and charts for virtually any application and coating material. Stringent quality control during the production process assures that the paint test charts have the most consistent color and gloss in the industry. The drawdown cards are easy to use and an inexpensive substrate to test a variety of coating properties such as opacity, spreading rate, penetration behavior, and flow & leveling properties. Drawdown charts are used to assess wood coatings, inks, cosmetic products,  architectural, industrial & automotive components.  The byko-chart drawdown charts will work with solvent and water based coatings and inks.

Coating Thickness Gauges

Coating Thickness Gauges
Dry Film Thickness - non-destructive

The byko-test film thickness gauge includes dew point measurement, whereas the byko-test Lite is for dry-film thickness measurement only.

Compact design for one hand operation
Color display with 90° and 180° flip screen
Automatic substrate recognition
Strong wear resistant ruby probe tip
Zero, single and two point calibrations
Key lock for only taking readings
Hi/Low tolerance settings for pass/fail warning
Statistics mode with 1000 measurement memory
Continous measurement mode
Stability mode warns user when instrument is tilted preventing wrong readings

Pendulum Hardness-byko-swing for paint and coating

Hardness Tests for paints & coatings

Tests the resistance of a coating to a mechanical force, such as pressure, rubbing or scratching. BYK-Gardner offers instrumentation needed to perform various hardness tests.

  • Pendulum Hardness - In accordance with methods described by König and Persoz
  • Indentation Hardness - Buchholz Indentation Testers
  • Scratch Hardness - Hardness Meter Dur-O-Test and Pencil Hardness

BYK Paint and coating impact tester

Heavy-Duty Impact Tester for paints & coatings

The Heavy-Duty Impact Tester has a very versatile design to comply with ISO and ASTM standards for the coatings and plastics industries.

  • Heavy-duty construction for long life
  • More than 10 weights to choose
  • Large selection of die and indenter sizes
  • Easy change-over of weight, dies, and indenters
  • Economically priced

Automatic Film Applicator

Paint application onto a drawdown chart requires a highly precise coating applicator to achieve a consistent dry paint film. Coating applicators can be bar applicators or wire wound rods. BYK-Gardner offers a wide selection of applicators for many end-uses.
The gap clearance and film width are important dimensions to consider when selecting a bar applicator. For wire wound rods the wet film thickness, wire diameter, and film width should be considered.
An automatic film applicator improves the consistency of a drawdown. When more than one operator is drawing down the same coating or ink, the dry film appearance will vary because of different drawdown techniques. Drawdown speed and pressure on the applicator tool will impact the results.

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