Color & surface texture

The Revolution in Color & Surface Texture Testing 

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For Color Harmony & Surface Texture we offer QC tools to optimize your 
production process for solids color, metallics color, visual color
inspection & surface texture structure. These technologies can be used in production as well as in a lab environment.

BYK Color & Texture Color Meter

Color & Texture Color Meter & 3D Profilometer

BYK spectro2profiler 

Our visual perception is influenced by color, gloss and the surface structure. Our visual rating takes all three parameters into consideration and makes an overall judgement. Up to now, grain or surface structure could only be judged visually or with high sophisticated microscopes. This has changed with the new spectro2profiler, a pioneering technology combining color, gloss, 2D reflectivity and 3D topography in a robust, portable tool with a short measuring time. 


BYK Multi-angle Color, Sparkle and Graininess Control

Multi-Angle Color, Sparkle and Graininess Control 

BYK-mac i series 
The BYK-mac i is a metallic color multi-angle spectrophotometer designed to measure both multi-angle color and flake characterization in one portable device.
Traditional 5-angle color measurement: 15° / 25° / 45° / 75° / 110°. Additonal color measurement behind the gloss for color travel of interference pigments: -15° sparkle and graininess measurement for flake characterization. 
Four models: BYK-mac i   -  BYK-mac i   Pro -  BYK-mac i COLOR   -  BYK-mac i Robotic 


BYK Color, Gloss, Fluorescence with Highest Performance

Color, Gloss, Fluorescence with Highest Performance Control
BYK spectro2 series

The combination of a portable spectrophotometer with a gloss meter and a fluorimeter opens up completely new perspectives to not only control color harmony, but also to analyze the long-term color stability with measurement of fluorescence. Beside the combination of innovative measurement methods, innovative, high-performance LED technology is used as light source. As a result, a superior accuracy and excellent inter-instrument agreement allow the use of digital standards.  Four models of handheld spectrophotometers : spectro2go -  spectro-guide - spectro2guide -  spectro2guide Pro 


Color measurement for basic tasks

BYK spectro-guide sphere gloss

The spectro-guide is an easy-to-use tool to objectively measure color and gloss in comparison to physical standards and document the results in EXCEL.
Color and 60° gloss measurement in one -  (< 10 GU), ideal for low gloss applications.
Easy-to-use with designated sample and standard button.
Innovative LED technology ensures:
Long-term and temperature stable results
Data transfer to easy-link for simple documentation in EXCEL


BYK Color. Gloss. Fluorescence.

Color - Gloss - Fluorescence.

Two models: 
Color2view color measurement with fixed or variable aperture.
Color2view Pro Color & Jetness measurement - Fixed or variable aperture.
The color2view uses circumferential illumination at 45° with 0° viewing angle – to measure color as you see it. Simultaneously 20° and 60° gloss are measured to clearly differentiate medium to high gloss samples.


Light Booth for Color Critical Appraisals

Light Booth for Color Critical Appraisals

4 models : 
byko-spectra pro  -   byko-spectra effect  -  byko-spectra standard  -  byko-spectra mini
It is a real challenge to achieve standard daylight D65 as defined by CIE. byko-spectra pro uses a smart combination of filtered tungsten-halogen lamps and LEDs. Automatically the right amount of UV light is added when selecting D65.  Thus, byko-spectra pro achieves the highest rendering Class A according to CIE 51.2 - unsurpassed in the industry. Best possible agreement with natural daylight evaluation.  

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