Ducted fume hoods

Optimizing Laboratory Safety: 
Ducted Fume Hoods Tailored to Your Requirements

Welcome to our specialized realm of ducted fume hoods designed for laboratory environments. Beyond delivering cutting-edge fume hood solutions, we extend our expertise to encompass the meticulous calibration and strategic placement of the entire exhaust duct system. Elevate your lab's safety standards with our comprehensive services, where precision meets protection. Explore our four distinctive product categories below to find the perfect fit for your unique needs !

ESCO Frontier ducted fume hood

ESCO Frontier

Frontier Acela High Performance Fume Hood with Laminar Topography and Protection perimeter. 
Compliant with  EN 14-175-3

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Posseme Fume hood Model Spi Vision – Perfect security for Lab users with an elegant and refined design
Compliant with  EN 14-175-3

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eFlow Fume Hood


Analis Fume hood with custom dimensions. Body completely made of High Pressure laminate - Perfect protection of the user 
Compliant with  EN 14-175-4

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Safety Enclosure Ducted fume hoods

Safety Enclosure

Custom-made protective enclosure connected to an extraction network to allow safe handling in all laboratory spaces

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