Cytotoxic cabinets

What is a cytotoxic cabinet?

A cytotoxic cabinet is a biosafety cabinet class II A2 that is adjusted for the manipulation of cytotoxic/antineoplastic drugs. A standard biosafety cabinet class II A2 offers good protection of the operator and the environment against the cytotoxic drugs. The problem presents itself when the HEPA filters need to be replaced. Normally, a biosafety cabinet is decontaminated before replacing the filters. Unfortunately, decontamination won’t have an effect on the cytotoxic drugs present in the HEPA filters. Therefore it is not safe for the technician to replace the filters.

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illustration What is a cytotoxic cabinet

Air enters the cabinet through perforations located in front of the work zone before mixing with used downflow air in a common chamber below the work zone (this air does not mix with the filtered downflow air in the cabinet’s main chamber). This mixed air then passes through the HEPA filter located beneath the work zone.

The HEPA filtered air then passes through the internal ducting, in the back wall of the cabinet, to a common air plenum where 35% is exhausted through the ULPA exhaust filter and 65% is forced evenly through the ULPA supply filter. This sterilized air serves as the supply downflow, flushing all contaminants from the cabinet’s work zone.

The supplied laminar air in the work zone splits and enters the perforations at the front and rear of the chamber to reach the common air plenum below the work zone; herein the cycle is repeated.

What is the difference between a cytotoxic cabinet and a biosafety cabinet class II A2?

The cytotoxic cabinet has a third large HEPA filter below the worktray. Due to the flow pattern of the cabinet, the air is first lead trough this third filter, where all cytotoxic drugs will be captured. This filter has a special construction. It can be bagged in while the cabinet is still running. This process offers the technician protection against the cytotoxic drugs during the replacement of the filters and makes it more safe to process them as waste.

cytotoxic cabinet

Cytoculture® Cytotoxic Safety Cabinet

Esco’s Cytoculture® Cytotoxic Safety Cabinet is the premium solution for cytotoxic/antineoplastic drug processing; providing the highest level of patient, pharmacist, and environmental protection. This revolutionary product builds on Esco’s experience of more than 20 years as a global leader in biological safety containment technology.
The unique demands of handling and preparing cytotoxic drugs for use in chemotherapy require a specialized cabinet. With this in mind, Esco has developed a highly specialized cabinet designed especially for the preparation of these potentially dangerous drugs.

Key Benefits:

  • Safe filter changing
  • Safer dual exhaust filters
  • HEPA certified to EN 12469

Analis, as an exclusive distributor of Esco for the BeNeLux, also offers the necessary support. We have a local service team for installation validation, preventive, and corrective maintenance.     Ask our experts for advices


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