Nucleic acid decontamination

When conducting experiments in a nucleic acid testing lab, Good Laboratory Practices help to reduce the likelihood of contamination of reagents, laboratory equipment and bench space. However, it is always better to prevent than cure when working with DNA and RNA and we advise to decontaminate instrumentation and material before starting any experiment.

Analis offers UV light decontamination from Vilber. Vilber has germicidal UV lamps to help to prevent contaminations. These germicidal UV lamps emit 254 nm UV radiation, well known for their efficiency in the destruction of bacteria, moulds, yeasts and viruses. Since UV light treatments only lead to deactivation and not to elimination of nucleic acids, an additional cleaning method gives you extra security.

KogeneBiotech, the number one RT-PCR provider in Asia with more than 800 kits in their portfolio, just knows what it takes to run contamination free nucleic acid testing. Their PowerCleanser™ DNA Remover is designed to remove high levels of DNA/RNA from contaminated laboratory surfaces and equipment. This Ready-to-use spray can be sprayed onto laboratory benches and various experimental equipment as such and just needs to be wiped off.

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Vilber UV germicidal lamps

UV germicidal 254nm lamps help to prevent contamination in laboratories.
• UV Master Technology - Highly concentrated UV radiations
• Easy to handle - Lamp stand or holder to add versatility
• Long lifetime  - Anodized aluminum housing

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Vilber UV germicidal lamps

uv protection equipment
Do not forget you UV protection !

Kogene PowerCleanser™ DNA remover

• A ready-to-use spray designed to remove high levels of contaminated DNA/RNA from the laboratory surfaces and equipment
• Binds and removes DNA, leaving no DNA contamination
• No toxic scent
• Not hazardous


Kogene PowerCleanser™ DNA remover

how to use Kogene PowerCleanser™ DNA remover

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