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GFD®Pilot – Bridging the Gap from Lab to Production

Agitated Nutsche Filter Drying (ANFD) is a batch filtration technique using vacuum and/or pressure in a closed vessel.
The filtration technique uses PSL’s distinctive agitator design for excellent cake agitation in applications such as dye, paint, silicon, waste water treatment and pharmaceutical production.
The GFD® Filter Dryer overcomes challenges with commonly used methods of Buchner filtration and oven drying.

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The GFD®Pilot, an Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer (ANFD), is used to perform solid-liquid separation processes at kilolab and pilot scales, seamlessly bridging the gap between laboratory research and full-scale production. This compact, yet powerful filter dryer serves as a crucial tool for conducting feasibility studies and validating proof of concept activities developed during earlier research and development phases. Remarkably, despite its smaller size, it delivers the same level of quality, reliability, and efficiency synonymous with PSL's full-sized ANFD filter dryers.

At its core, PSL's innovative GFD® technology was conceived to surmount the well-documented challenges encountered by manufacturers when relying on conventional production methods like Büchner filtration and oven tray-drying. 

The GFD®Pilot comprises an agitated vessel capable of operating under both vacuum and pressure conditions. This vessel can be crafted from borosilicate 3.3 glass, 316L stainless steel, or alloy 22, and features a heated jacket for optimal drying performance. Solid-liquid separation is executed within the unique filtration basket, which can be effortlessly removed to enhance product recovery and ease the process.

Designed as a logical scale-up solution from the GFD®Lab, which finds its home in laboratory settings, the GFD®Pilot plays a pivotal role in evaluating and developing the desired end product prior to scaling up to commercial production. It serves as the essential link in the journey from research to full-scale manufacturing.


Features and Benefits

GFD Pilot Integrated Filtration and Drying at Pilot Scale

Integrated Filtration and Drying at Pilot Scale

The GFD®Pilot stands as a comprehensive filter dryer tailored for pilot plant production, adhering to Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) standards. Predominantly embraced within pharmaceutical and fine chemical processing applications, it offers developers and manufacturers a versatile platform for executing a diverse array of processes within a single, standardized system:
1. Slurry Filtration (solid-liquid separation)
2. Product Washing
3. Re-slurry
4. Vacuum Drying
5. Product Sampling
6. Product Discharge

By seamlessly integrating these functions, the GFD®Pilot streamlines operations, enabling efficient and compliant processes at the pilot plant production scale.

GFD Pilot filter dryer filtration basket

Optimizing Product Recovery at Every Stage

Efficiently maximizing yield proves paramount during pilot-scale feasibility assessments and small-scale production endeavors. Recognizing the critical significance of the final product, the GFD®Pilot has been thoughtfully engineered with this objective in mind.

Upon the conclusion of the process, the GFD®Pilot ensures effortless product batch collection, thanks to the ingenious design of its filtration basket, which can be completely removed from the GFD® vessel.

Furthermore, the GFD® basket exhibits remarkable versatility, making it suitable for multi-product applications. It facilitates swift and hassle-free filtration mesh changeovers, accommodating a wide range of pore sizes and materials, including polypropylene, PTFE, 316LSS, and alloy 22. This adaptability enhances the agility and efficiency of the system, ensuring that product recovery is optimized under various production scenarios.

vessel GFD Pilot filter dryer

Adaptable Modular Design for Enhanced Production Flexibility

The GFD®Pilot Filter Dryer, characterized by its compact and mobile nature, offers remarkable production flexibility thanks to its modular design.

Much like the GFD®Lab Range, the base frame and motor of the GFD®Pilot have been engineered for compatibility with all pertinent vessel materials, including borosilicate 3.3 glass, 316L stainless steel, and alloy 22. This thoughtful design approach ensures a straightforward and purpose-built solution for a wide array of applications, further enhancing the system's adaptability and ease of use across various production scenarios.

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