120L Premium compact stackable shaking incubator, 4-60, 30-300rpm ZWYR-293

Reference: LAB-ZWYR-293

120L Premium Compact Stackable Shaking Incubator, 4-60, 30-300rpm ZWYR-293; 120L Premium Compact stackable shaking incubator is ideal for benchtop and under-bench, but also stackable up to two units on one single footprint. It provide. solution with temperature, shaking speed, and optional photosynthetic lighting control feature. 5L flask compatible. Touch screen control panel, non-frost cooling system, door lock, UV light, USB data output as standard.

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    Technical information

     Machine Specifications
    Volume (L)120
    Outside (WxDxH)840x764x625mm
    Inside (WxDxH)570x505x418mm
    Net/Gross Weight (kg)120/165
    Control Panel7" (800x480) TFT Touch Screen
    Ambient Temperature (°C)5-35°C
    UV Light254nm, 11W
    Noise Level55 dB (1m above floor)
    ElectricityAC 220-240V 50/60 Hz
    Data LoggingUSB port
    Static ShelfStandard, 1 piece
    Base StandStandard: H 15cm, Options: H 35cm or H 50cm
    Key LockYes, standard


     Shaking Unit
    Drive TypeDirect Beltless Driving System
    Tray Size (WxD)500 x 400mm
    Maximum Load15kg
    Speed Range30-300 rpm
    Speed Accuracy±1 rpm
    Timer0-9999 mins
    Shaking ModeOrbital
    Shaking Diameter1-50mm Stepless Adjustment


    Control ModeFixed Value and Program
    Temp. Range (°C)Ambient-15 to 60°C (Min. 4°C) #
    Temp. Accuracy (°C)0.1°C
    Temp. Uniformity (°C)±0.5°C @37°C
    Principle of SensorPT100
    Air Circulation360m3/Hour
    Recovery (@37°C)8 mins (30 Seconds Door Opening)


     Photosynthetic Lighting
    Part NO.P5031RBP5031WW
    Light TypeLED, 50% Red, 50% BlueLED, 100% Warm White

    Red: 640-660nm,
    Blue: 430-450nm

    4500k: 400-700nm
    Light IntensityUp to 350 μmol/(m2*s)Up to 220 μmol/(m2*s)
    ControlYes, Individually,
    from 0-100% output
    Yes, from 0-100% output
    Control ModeFixed Value and Programmable
    Dimensions (WxDxH)550x430x10mm
     # Min. 15°C when Photosynthetic Lighting option is applied.


     Order Information
    ZWYR-293ZWYR-293, 120L,
    Premium Compact Shaking Incubator, 4-60, 30-300rpm
    P5031RBLED Lighting Panel and Control Kit, Red & Blue, For ZWYR-293
    P5031WWLED Lighting Panel and Control Kit , Warm White , For ZWYR-293
    P5032-35Cabinet Base Stand for ZWYR-293, 840 x 710 x 350mm
    P5032-50Frame Base Stand for ZWYR-293, 840 x 710 x 500mm
    P6040Tray for ZWYR-293, 500x400mm, Predrilled
    P6041Tray for ZWYR-293, 500x400mm, Plain
    P7029Universal Spring Pallet for ZWYR-293, 500 x 400mm
    P8010Tube Rack S/S
    P8011Tube Rack ABS Plastic
    P8032O Clamp for 96 Well Plate, S/S
    P8017Sticky Mat, 20 x 20cm
    P8021O Clamp, S/S, for 50ml Flask, with Spring Retainer
    P8022O Clamp, S/S, for 100ml Flask, with Spring Retainer
    P8023O Clamp, S/S, for 250ml Flask, with Spring Retainer
    P8024O Clamp, S/S, for 500ml Flask, with Spring Retainer
    P8025O Clamp, S/S, for 750ml Flask, with Spring Retainer
    P8026O Clamp, S/S, for 1000ml Flask, with Spring Retainer
    P8027O Clamp, S/S, for 2000ml Flask, with Spring Retainer
    P8028O Clamp, S/S, for 3000ml Flask, with Spring Retainer
    P8029O Clamp, S/S, for 5000ml Flask, with Spring Retainer
    P4003Built-in Printer
    P5016RS-485 Interface
    P5033TCP/IP Interface

    Related accessories, consumables & products

    120L Ultra Compact Shaking Incubator, 4-60C

    120L Ultra Compact Shaking Incubator, 4-60C

    Reference : LAB-ZWYC-293G

    The NEW Ultra ZWYC-293G offers comprehensive solutions for shaking cultivations on small foot print, including active humidity and CO2 control technology, offering exceptional flexibility, allowing for traditional shaking incubations with flasks and tubes, as well as micro-volume high-throughput microbial screening with 96-well plates.

    Compact size for all-round applications, optimized controlling for process reliability, secured protections for precious samples, ZWYC-293G looks after all that you care about the most when it comes to shaking incubations for microbial, mammalian, and plant cell cultures.

    Key Features:

    • Ultra-compact design: Maximizes bench space while providing ample capacity for your incubation needs.
    • Stackable configuration: Allows for easy expansion and customization to fit your laboratory setup. Compatible to stack with ZWYR-293.
    • Ø1-50mm Shaking Diameter: Flexibility for most common shaking orbit used, ensuring uniform mixing and optimal growth conditions for small to large vessels.
    • Ø3m Shaking Diameter (P5052): Aligning with the trends of high throughput screening, this option enables high speed up to 1200rpm.
    • Humidity Active Control (P5053): 140°C direct steam injection system enables fast responsive humidity control, preventing the sample from drying out.
    • CO2 Control (P5054): World class single beam, dual wavelength IR CO2 sensor, providing reliable performance, ensuring the healthy growth of cell cultures.
    • Condensation Control:
      o   Heated full piece of glass door panel with no screws, minimizes the condensation, and easy for cleaning
      o   Chamber with rounded corners for easy cleaning
      o   Water dripping slot catches any excessive condensation
    • New dual lighting system: two sets of LED illumination and UV lighting inside the chamber. UV light is interlocked with the door opening.
    • New ergonomic door handle locks the door securely preventing gas & water leakage.
    • LED photosynthetic lighting panels (P5031WW; P5031RB): Available in Red & Blue dual color; and warm white single color.

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