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Beyond size, particle shape analysis is an essential part of understanding material behaviour and optimising product performance. It can influence many properties, including specific surface area, flowability, abrasiveness and chemical activity. Therefore, particle shape analysis is very important in industrial and scientific research on powders, emulsions and other particulate products. 

Bettersize offers advanced solutions for measuring particle shape through static and dynamic image analysis. This technology provides detailed insights into the morphology of particles within various products.

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Particle size and shape analysis report

Particle image analysis is a technique for determining particle size and particle shape parameters based on the captured images obtained by using specific cameras. The critical step in particle image analysis is processing the captured images, which provides two-dimensional pictures from the pixels counted. 
The data acquired is used to provide image binarization, enhancement of picture quality, and particle identification. The processed picture is then analyzed automatically by a computer with the help of algorithms to yield the particle size distribution and related particle shape parameters of the observed sample.

Bettersize's image analysis solutions empower industries to unlock the full potential of their products by gaining a deep understanding of particle shape. Whether it is to improve formulations, enhance manufacturing processes or ensure quality control, these solutions play a vital role in driving innovation and success. 
Have a look on the Bettersizer S3Plus and the BeVision series.

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Bettersizer S3 Plus

Laser Diffraction Particle Size and Shape Analyzer

The Bettersizer S3 Plus combines laser diffraction and dynamic image analysis in one instrument. It can measure the size and shape of particles from 0.01 μm to 3500 μm. Its exceptional sensitivity for either ultrafine particles or oversized particles, and unsurpassed resolution, make it a powerful size and shape analyser.

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BeVision D2

Dynamic Image Analyzer

The BeVision D2 provides an efficient solution to the size and shape analysis of dry, high-flowability powders or granules. Tens of thousands of particles can be measured by a BeVision D2 within three minutes. It can efficiently analyze the size and shape of particles in the range of 30 - 10,000 μm. 

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BeVision M1 bettersize Automated Static Image Analyzer

BeVision M1

Automated Static Image Analyzer

The BeVision M1 provides an accurate analysis of particle size and shape in the range of 1 - 10,000 μm. Besides, the BeVision M1 can be a vital part of the surface cleanliness test.
With the precise auto - moving stage, the BeVision M1 can do analysis more efficiently.

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BeVision S1 Classical and Versatile Static Image Analyzer

BeVision S1

Classical and Versatile Static Image Analyzer

The BeVision S1 offers an easy solution to measure and analyze the size and shape of particles in a range of 1 - 3,000 μm. It is easy to use while staying reliable and accurate.

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