Powder flowability

Why Measure Powder Flowability?

Accurate measurement of powder flowability is indispensable in industries such as pharmaceuticals, food processing, and materials science. Poor flowability can lead to challenges like uneven mixing, difficulties in tablet compression, and inconsistent filling of capsules. By assessing flow characteristics, manufacturers can identify and address potential issues early in the production process, ensuring product quality and process efficiency.
Flowability is influenced by many factors, such as particle size distribution, particle shape, density, and electrostatic state,… It can be simply evaluated using only one parameter, such as the angle of repose, the compressibility, or the angle of spatula. However, flowability is a property related to various indices, which can be expressed more rigorously as the weighted sum of many parameters associated with powder characterization. It can be measured using various techniques and instruments. The choice of method depends on factors such as the nature of the powder, the specific properties to be assessed, and the intended application. 

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Here are some common methods for measuring powder flowability:
• Flow Function Measurement
• Wall Friction Measurement
• Shear Cell Testing
• Cohesion Measurement
• Angle of Repose Measurement
• Angle of Spatula Measurement
• Bulk Density

Measurement devices like the Brookfield Powder Flow Tester (PFT), Erweka Granule and Powder Flow Tester (GTB), and PowderPro from Bettersize are employed to assess and quantify powder flow characteristics. 

Explore our suite of advanced instruments designed to empower you in the realm of powder flowability!

Powder Flow Tester (PFT)

Discover the trusted Brookfield Powder Flow Tester, a cornerstone in the industry for evaluating flow function and wall friction of powders. This instrument plays a vital role in quality control and process optimization, offering valuable data on the relationship between consolidation stress and powder flow. 
The PFT delivers quick and easy analysis of the powder flow behaviour.

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PowderPro A1

The PowderPro A1 is a smart powder characteristics analyser that measures and calculates in total 14 physical properties of powders in accordance with various international standards in an accurate, intelligent, and scientific way (e.g. Angle of repose, Bulk and Tapped Density,…). It is an essential tool to understand, and research powdered materials.

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The Erweka GTB (Granule and Powder Flow Tester) is a specialized instrument designed to evaluate the flow properties of granules and powders according to USP/EP-compliant methods. This versatile tester offers valuable insights into key parameters such as flowability (measurement by volume or weight and the angle of repose.

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