Small centrifuges

Most common clinical blood collection tubes can be accommodated within our small centrifuges

Compact, low-speed centrifuges are ideal for the separation of whole blood components, such as serum, plasma, buffy coat, and red blood cells, as well as other body fluids. Ask our experts to select the best model, rotor, and accessories to meet your needs. 

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Innovative Features of Sigma Centrifuges

Energy Efficiency, Maintenance-Free Design, and a Comprehensive Product Family.

Eco Mode Benchtop centrifuge Energy-efficient product feature

Eco Mode 


We provide our customers with long-lasting products that are easy to repair. This is because our laboratory centrifuges are of top quality. Not only are they incredibly reliable and powerful, but they’re also user-friendly. What’s more, we believe that improving the working environment in our customers’ labs is just as important as continuing to optimize energy efficiency.

Some of our cooled units even have an energy-saving ECO mode (standby mode, depending on settings). After a user-settable time, the centrifuge automatically switches to standby mode if it is not being used. Along with being energy efficient, this improves the working atmosphere in the lab by switching off the refrigeration to significantly reduce the noise level.

Sigma laboratory centrifuges product family certified CE RoHS TUV IVD

A whole product family

Sigma centrifuge portfolio

A quick glance of the Sigma centrifuge product family, including 
 Rotor types and capacities
 Maximum speed (rpm) and centrifugation  force (RCF, x g )
  Refrigerated models
  Medical devices for IVD applications
  Recipients to spin

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Sigma comfort rotor black pins no-grease grease-free

Your Comfort in centrifugation?

No more greasing!

Cleaning and caring for centrifuges and accessories is vital for long-term safe operation and optimal separation results. With swing-out rotors, regular greasing of the pins that carry the buckets is very important. Irregular or no greasing makes it difficult for the buckets to swing out, leading to imbalance.

Thanks to the new Sigma Comfort coating, the black pins of Sigma Comfort rotors no longer need to be greased. The rotor and buckets will comfortably operate together for several years – with no need for regular greasing.

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