Clinical centrifuges

Elevate Clinical Diagnostics with Beckman Coulter and Sigma Centrifuges

Analytics preparation, analytics and diagnostics for medical therapy impose high demands on the performance and reliability of laboratory equipment. In clinical laboratory diagnostics, analyses of blood, urine and tissue, cell diagnostics and cytology are carried out under time pressure with stringent requirements for due care.

Beckman Coulter and Sigma laboratory centrifuges are designed for high throughput in laboratory diagnostics applications. Accessories for virtually every relevant type of test tube are available or can be produced as special products on customer request. It is also possible to take your clinical laboratory into a higher level of automation with our complete pre and post analytical automation systems.

As essential partner for your clinical laboratories, combining the excellence of the instruments manufactured by the undisputed leaders of centrifugation and local support, ANALIS Belgium helps you find a suitable centrifuge and offers knowledge, expertise and service.

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