Blood bag centrifuges

Optimizing Transfusion Medicine: Blood Bag Centrifuges

In modern transfusion medicine, the aim is to transfuse the patient with only the component required.
Centrifuges for blood bags are key instruments specifically developed for blood banks and transfusion facilities.
 Designed to separate whole blood into red blood cells, plasma and platelets
 Efficient processing of large quantities of blood: with a maximum capacity of up to 12 x 1.000 ml or 12 blood bag systems per run.
 Quality management functions and connections
 Smooth operation for reliable and reproducible sedimentation results
 Acceleration and deceleration curve programming as desired

Sigma 8KBS 

with a new EU-MDR certificate

The Sigma 8KBS refrigerated floor-standing centrifuge is a medical device according to Regulation (EU) 2017/745, Class IIa for the separation of blood components for transfusion medicine.

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Sigma 8KS, floorstanding refrigerated centrifuge 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz
Reference : SIG-10631

12 litre capacity for production or  high-capacity research

The Sigma 8KS is a refrigerated floor-standing compact stand-alone refrigerated  centrifuge that is ideal for all-purpose use in the industrial or for all tasks in blood banks, medicine and research sectors. This high-performance centrifuge features impressive capacity of up to 12 x 1,000 ml in a swing-out rotor or 6 x 1,000 ml in a fixed-angle rotor. With a maximum RCF of 20,461 x g, even demanding separation processes can be handled efficiently. Particularly thanks to the ability to use large-volume fixed-angle rotors with high RCF, the Sigma 8KS cover a distinctly broader spectrum of applications compared to competitive units.

The motorized lid lock and its patented one-button control (Spincontrol S) makes the Sigma 8KS especially easy to use. The centrifuge has a low loading height, is pleasantly quiet in operation, and has low power consumption.

This Air-cooled version with  compressor is also available in water-cooled version.

Solution 555 (1 qt)
Reference : BEC-339555

946-mL bottles of Solution 555™ Rotor Cleaning Concentrate, minimum order 2 bottles.
Beckman Solution 555 (339555) is a mild and efficient detergent that won’t damage the rotors.
Under normal use, as part of the day-to-day care and maintenance program, wash the rotor frequently to prevent the buildup of residues.

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