Clamping systems

For all optical measuring techniques as well as for computed tomography & the requirements for contour and surface metrology.

Optical measuring solutions are mainly used for measuring tasks where high data density, comprehensive 3D measuring, speed and the use of 
the measuring machines close to production are required.   In addition to the rapid metrological evaluation of external contours, 
computed tomography enables the non-destructive analysis of internal  geometries and defects. 
Surface and contour metrology ensures quality with regard to fine and  coarse shape deviations of products and thus, ultimately, their  functionality.

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The zero point clamping system SWA39 from dk is in each case the universal fixture and clamping system. It forms the basis for perfect positioning in many tactile and optical measuring processes. 

For computed tomography, SWA39 CT is so far the world’s only professional modular fixturing system with quick-change interfaces and a large selection of basic, add-on and clamping elements with CT-compatible workpiece holders. The same applies to contour and surface metrology SWA39 SURF.

Our SCHIENENFIX clamping system is also suitable for optical measurements. This fixturing system is used with measuring projectors and measuring microscopes and ensures highly precise edge measurements.



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