Working with cells

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Cell culture and fermentation techniques have allowed scientists to make huge progress in drug discovery and scientific research the last 15 years

However, maintaining cells is a time-consuming and error-prone process. Cells need to be handled under sterile conditions to avoid contamination and need to be kept under precise temperature and humidity conditions. Furthermore is the availability of the right nutrient mix often key to success.

Analis is able to provide a complete range of instruments and solutions to help labs working with cells, being successful and be sure that their cells will survive all handling steps. We care for the smallest detail in your cellular and fermentation workflows and assure you a professional service when needed.

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cell culture & fermentation workflow

Process and workflow of Cell Culture and Fermentation

Decontamination & disinfection

7. Disinfection & Decontamination

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cell disruption

8. Cell Disruption

  • Cell disruption vessel 
  • Sonication - Ultrasonics liquid processors
purification - ultacentrifugation swinging bucket rotor density gradient in tubes SW-32 Ti  Beckman Coulter

9. Purification - Ultracentrifugation

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